Why Moms Are Never In Family Pictures

As I look back at all the pictures taken over the last 7 years of me being a mother, I realized that I’m not in half of them. So I decided to do some research and see if this was “a thing”. Low and behold there’s a ton of results that come up when you do a google search for this topic. I was amazed and shocked. After reading some of the top articles, I’ve decided to type my own on the subject. What better way to read about why moms are never in family pictures than from a mom herself.

Why moms aren’t in family photos.

Not at their best. I know we’ve all heard this before: “Stop, my hair isn’t done” or “I don’t have on any clothes”. Yea that’s probably the second top reason why moms are not in family photos. We feel as if we have to have *IT* “all together”.

Insecurities. This one rang true for myself after delivering my second child. I was bloated and felt so over weight. As a result, I didn’t want to be in pictures at all. I didn’t want to document that part of my life. However, now that I look back on the few pictures I did take, I wasn’t big at all. Funny how that works right?

Picture Perfect. As moms we are naturally wired to make sure things are as perfect as possible. When someone else is taking the picture, there is no doubt we will find something wrong. This leads to us removing ourselves “out the picture” just to take it.

Why moms should be in the picture.

Regret. Regret is on of the worst feelings a mother could have. As your children get older, you’re going to look back and wish you were in pictures with them.

Memories. My kids and I absolutely enjoy looking back at our old memories and talking about them. The memories we have bring us so much joy and laughter.

Reflection. As I stated above, when I looked back on the few pictures I did take with my kids/family after my second child was born, I realized I wasn’t overweight at all. I just felt that way. Sometimes we as humans make things seem 1000 times worse. Those pictures helped me reflect on how to appreciate everything about myself at every moment of my life.

Dear Dads/Men, take the picture.

Have you ever noticed that the men in the family are always smiling and glowing in the pictures? Yea that’s because they’re not going through insecurities due to their body having a little extra fat here and there. So to all the men in the family (dads, uncles, grandpa, cousins) get behind the lens and take the picture.

Moms, get in the picture.

To all the mothers that are avoiding the pictures for whatever reason, stop it. Love yourself enough to make memories with the little creatures you created. These memories will last a life time. I say take the picture if not for you, for your kids.


There are many reasons why moms are never in the family pictures. However, that doesn’t make it okay. To all the moms reading this, do yourself the biggest favor by stepping outside of your comfort zone and back in front of the camera.

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