The BEST 90’s Costume Ideas For Kids

Okay let’s be honest here. Some kids don’t even know of these 90’s characters unless there was a spin off made of these shows for the new generation of kids. But if you’re looking to be different or make your own costume OR even win a costume contest, these 90’s costume ideas will get the job done.

Penny Proud- from the popular 90’s cartoon The Proud Family.


Susie Carmichael- Rugrats

Angelica- Rugrats

Arnold- Hey Arnold

Helga- Hey Arnold

Gerald- Hey Arnold

Velma- Scooby Doo

Shaggy- Scooby Doo

Wilma Flintstone- The Flintstones

Fed Flintstone- The Flintstones

Steve Urkle- Family Matters

Raven Simone- That’s So Raven

These are just some of the characters played in some of the most popular 90s tv shows. They would make the absolute cutest costumes. And since they’re so much of throw backs, they would win any costume contest. I hope you enjoyed these 90’s costume ideas. If you decide to use any of these, please come back and leave a picture.

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