Girls Hair Barrette Accessories

Girls hair barrette accessories not only complete the simplest outfits. They also add a stylish pop of color to the best of girls hair styles.

We feel that little girls (like yours and mine) can further express themselves with the girls hair barrette accessories they wear. This proves to be especially true for our darling daughters that routinely wear uniforms throughout the week.

When I was younger (in middle school) I wore tons of clips and headbands. Probably too many at once. But who’s to say how many is too many? mmmmh. Anywho, I couldn’t wait to get up and put my hair clips and headbands on. At the time, I’m sure I didn’t realize that I was uniquely expressing my style through my colorful hair pieces.

I’m sure you now understand why a great selection of hairstyle add-ons are super important for our girls only store: Navie & Me.  Furthermore, our most popular hair add-ons for girls are linked below.

Girls Hair Bows.

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