Welcome Girl Moms

We welcome all girl moms to join this community. You will instantly recognize the difference in our girls only clothing store that focuses solely on stylish, latest fashion pieces for little girls everywhere. While providing upscale kids clothing, we also create informative blog posts for girl moms just like you.

Our Mission

Here at Navie & Me we strive to provide the best, quality fashions for little girls. Our mission is to ensure that innocent little girls across the globe feel good and look stylish in fresh, trendy, age-appropriate fashion pieces.

Where It All Started

Frustrated with the direction little girls fashion was going, I took action. My number one goal was to provide stylish, age-appropriate clothes that absolutely feel good to wear. I knew that all little girls deserved the right to be as bright and bubbly as they could possibly be for as long as they could possibly be.

Which is when Navie & Me (formerly Navie And Me) was started. In 2016 I started a small, online girls fashion shop. I literally didn’t know what I was doing and only had a few pieces of girls clothing. But I was determined to help moms like you and myself find the perfect go-to place for all things fashion for our darling daughters, nieces and littles.



I’m Qydasia (Q for short because a ton a people mis-pronounce it). But  hey, you can try if you like (Qwy-day-zha). Simple right? haha. Anywho, more often than not, you will be be communicating with me behind the screen or should I say behind the scene?

A few of my favorite things to do are organize, shop and learn new things. Like all girl moms, we tend to feel as if we have to b e absolutely perfect because our young daughters are watching. That was me. I felt as though I needed to do everything for my daughter. And I quickly lost myself in the midst of that.

Now, I run an online, girls only store that allows me to focus on providing moms like you a place to find stylish, upscale, age-appropriate girls fashion.

Meet The Bright and Bubbly Inspiration

This little old soul is the  Navie in Navie & Me. She is super bright and smart and absolutely loves to have fun. She sometimes models for me but loves to do behind the scenes work because she *thinks* she’s the boss.

Oh yea, if you ever see her in person, she’ll probably be jumping around like a bouncy ball or singing one of the many shower songs. 

Get Comfy

Now that you know more about us and our goals for you as moms and for our girls as a whole. Get comfy and browse through our website to find unique posts that only a girl mom would love. Also join our newsletter for weekly emails that your will be waiting to read. There are a few most popular links below that all moms love and of course our Shop section.

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