How To Talk To Your Daughters About Periods

For some parents, the period talk can be uncomfortable for a number of reasons. Maybe it was awkward for your parents and that has passed on to you. Many parents dread this talk because it signifies that your baby is about to be maturing very soon and some changes parents just don’t want to face. Whatever the case may be, continue reading to learn about how to talk to your daughters about periods.

How do I talk to my daughter about periods?

Talk to your daughter about her period early. It is better that you teach her early on so that she is not caught off guard and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable about the changes her body will go through.

The closer your daughter gets to the common ages of a girls’ first cycle, the more often you should talk to her about it.

What topics do I cover when having the period talk?

Answer these questions for her:

  • What is a period?
  • Why do I have one?
  • Normal feelings/cravings during a period.
  • How to keep the proper hygiene during her cycle.

What age should you have the period talk with your daughter?

The general age you should talk to your daughter about periods is at the age of 7 (6 months after her 7th birthday if you just really want to wait).

What age do girls get their first period?

Girls can get their first period as early as age 8. However it is quite common for the first menstrual cycle to come at ages 10-12 years old. Although girls start their first period around 10-12 years, they seems to hit puberty well before those ages.

What to do when your daughter gets her first period?

  1. Get her cleaned and properly secured “down there”.
  2. Take her to the store to get supplies and explain what’s what.
  3. Go over the talk you’ve already been having with her.
  4. Show her how to use what and how often to change.
  5. Get her a book or two about periods and allow her to read at her own pace.
  6. Feed her cravings.
  7. Allow her to stay home for the day.
  8. Give her space.


For some parents, the period talk is not an easy talk to have with their daughters. This talk can be emotional or uncomfortable for so many reasons. However, when you go research and take the straightforward approach, talking to your daughters about periods will be a breeze.

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