How To Measure Your Kids Shoe Size

The most important step in buying kids shoes is measuring their feet to ensure the perfect fit… with the proper amount of wiggle room. There are two ways I measure my kids feet. Both ways of collecting children’s feet measurements are simple and easy to conduct. Continue reading for how to measure your kids shoes size.

Measure your child’s shoe size using our printable shoe chart

(If you don’t have a printer, an alternative way is below).

1. The first way is with this easy to read Kids Shoe Size download. All you do is download the kids shoe chart, print it out on the recommended size paper and follow the directions to ensure you get the proper measurements. VIDEO below.

2. If you don’t have a printer and would prefer to use what you’ve got follow this tutorial. (Skip below for the video version).

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Measuring your kids shoes size using at home supplies.

Things you’ll need:

  • Blank paper
  • Something to write with. (I prefer a pen.)
  • Scotch tape-2 pieces (Optional but makes it easier.)
  • Measuring tape or ruler

Steps to measuring your kids feet.

  1. Roll your kids pants leg up so that from the ankle on down is visible and clear.
  2. Remove socks if you’re measuring for shoes that you don’t wear socks with.

Sidenote: Some people prefer to measure with socks on so they know the should would fit without them. If you decide to take that route, I would recommend using thin ankle socks.

3. Place your paper on the floor and tape the top and bottom down.

4. Have your child stand on the paper with both feet. (If your kids’ feet is too big to fit on one sheet, tape another sheet next to it and measure one on each paper.)

5. Mark just in front of where your child’s big toe is on the paper. Make sure your child’s feet remains in the same spot and mark where their heel is on the paper.

If you’re not concerned about the width of your kids’ feet, it’s safe to remove them from the paper and use the rule to calculate the measurements on the paper.

Check out the VIDEO version below.

Each of our kids shoes have their own size chart linked in the product details. Now you can shop with peace of mind knowing that you have the proper shoe measurement for your child.

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