How To Buy Kids Shoes: Measuring Kids Feet

Whether you’re shopping online or going to a physical shoe store, you want to be informed on how to measure your kids feet for the right shoe size. Check out these handy tips on how to buy kids shoes. Also be sure to read all the way to the end for other related helpful tips.

Steps to buying kids shoes.

1.The first step in buying kids shoes is to decide which type of shoes you will be purchasing. There are running shoes, flats, sandals and boots. Do the shoes require socks to be worn or are you purchasing flats/sandals? The style of shoe you are going for is needed for the next step.

2. Next we measure. There are a number of ways to measure your kids feet. However the two easiest (and most common) are to use a printable foot chart or manually measure them with a pen, blank copy paper and measuring tape. Measurements to take are length and width of each foot. Measure with socks on for shoes that require socks to be worn.

VIDEO: Here’s a tutorial on How To Measure Kids Feet for New Shoes

3. After measuring your child’s feet, it’s safe to start shopping around for shoes. I love to shop online while I have all the measurements right in my face. When you find the shoes you want to purchase for your kid, go to the size chart for each shoes and compare them to the measurements you’ve taken. Based on the information you have, purchase the right fit.

Tip: For sneakers, I recommend choosing a pair of shoes that are slightly bigger versus a pair of shoes that will fit snug. You can always add socks to take up some of the extra space.

Tips for buying children shoes:

  • For younger kids, shoes that snap together with Velcro or actual snaps will make things a lot easier.
  • Look for kids shoes with a textured sole as this will provide more traction and help prevent your kid from easily slipping.
  • The sole should be thick and sturdy to protect feet but it should also bend with the feet. So a little flexibility is recommended.
  • Once you’ve found a shoe that meets all the qualities, allow your child to choose the color or print. This gives them some input on the creative side.

Questions to ask you child when trying on a shoe.

  • How do they feel?
  • Can you move your toes?
  • Are the comfy-cozy?

When to buy new shoes for my child?

Answer: When you begin to notice worn spots on your child’s shoes it is time to go shoe shopping. If the sides are leaning, seams are ripping or the toe part is sticking up, those are usually the signs to purchase a new pair.

How much room should be in my kids new shoes?

Approximately 1.25-2 cm of room should be left in your kids shoes. This allows their feet room to grow and helps prevent any blisters or sores.

How often do I need to buy my kids new shoes?

  • 14 months and under, every 2 months.
  • 15 months-2 years, every 3 months
  • 2-3 year olds, every 3-4 months
  • 4-6 year olds, every 4-6 months

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