Capture The Best Photos Of Your Kids: Indoors & Outside

Capturing those precious moments of your kids is the best kind of memory to give them. Whthere you have the money to afford professional pictures or not, you should consider doing what’s listed below to capture the best photos of your kids. Whether is be indoors or outside.

Capture the best photos of your kids

The simplest way to capture the best photos of your kids indoors or outside are to simply use natural lighting, use a wall or blank space, utilize backdrops, invest in a tripod, talk to them while snapping the picture and to just have fun. Now let’s dive a little deeper to understand each reason.

1.Use natural lighting.

Natural lighting is probably the MOST important factor when capturing the best photo of your kids. Natural lighting provides the most crisp results when used correctly. I would suggest you find a window in your house or apartment where the sun shines through perfectly. Have your kids stand away from the direction the sun is shining in.

2.Use a wall.

I prefer to use a wall to photograph against because it gives you that clear and clutter free background. Plus you can find wall space almost anywhere. When I want to photograph Nave on something different, I use the red brick wall on the side of our house.

3. Backdrops

Okay. Here is where things get fun. Back drops are super duper cute and you can get super creative. There are all sorts of back drops that you can find. My favorite place for inexpensive backdrops are amazon. They ship pretty quickly so even if you’re last minute you can get them in a timely manner.

4. Invest in a tripod

I really didn’t know how much a difference it would make by me capturing pictures of my kids with a tripod. The less movement of the camera the better. And although we may *think* we’re being as still as possible, our breathing and subtle movements can make a hug difference in capturing the best and not-so-best photos.

Talk to them.

When I talk to Nave during our mini photo sessions, it’s like she’s more relaxed and the pictures look more “natural”. Versus the stocky stock photos that come in the picture frames when you first buy them.

Have fun.

The last step to taking the best pictures of your kids is to have fun. This is not a standardized test or an army line up. Besides when kids have fun doing something, they are more likely to do it better and be more patient without becoming overwhelmed.


Capturing the most precious moments of your kids childhood does not have to be complicated. All you need is a few simple tools, most of which you already own) and you’re on your way. I would love to know if these tips helped you capture the best photos of your kids, indoors & outside.

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