BEST Time Saving Tips For Moms

Being a mom whose once held a position in all roles (stay at home, work from home and traditional working) I know a thing or two about time management for moms. Luckily for you, I’m here to teach you so you don’t have to go through year of stressful trial and error like myself. Continue reading for the best time saving tips for stay at home, work at home, first time, and traditional working moms.

*Side note: Now of course these roles vary tremendously. However the basics of time savings stays the same. If you would like to get time saving tips specifically for your current position, read all the way to the bottom.

The easiest best time saving tips for moms.

These best way to save time as a mom would be to figure out your time snatchers, get up early, prepare in advance, utilize your commute time and your mobile phones, pay someone to do things for you, grocery shop once per week and to just say no. Now let’s dive deeper into each tip to get you the best results.

First and foremost would be to figure out your time snatchers.

What task/ routine are you doing that is just completely wasting your time? Is this time waster necessary? Or can it wait? For me, my time waster was washing all of my laundry and then taking it to dry. This wasted so much time because we have a live to hang to clothes on. I just wanted to wash and dry them all at once. Which resulted in me wasting even more time because I was out drying loads of clothes at once.

Instead, I started hanging the first load to dry as I washed the second load. Then once the second load was done washing, I would hang that one and fold the first load. And the then repeat for however many loads there were to come.

Now for those families with 4 or more people to wash for, I’d suggest washing every three days instead of once per week. This would keep down on the laundry pile.

Get up early.

Yep, that’s right. Wake up earlier than everyone else. I normally wake up at 3 or 4 am and start my day. This gives me time to get a head start on anything I need to get done. The house is so calm and you work quicker without all the chaos.

Prepare things in advance.

Planning ahead is one of my favorite ways to save time as a busy, work from home mom.

Cook 2-3 meals in advance for dinner. While you’re cooking the ground meat for spaghetti, add enough for the tacos you plan to serve tomorrow night.

Get the kids school clothes out and pick 3 days worth of outfits out in advance.

Utilize your commute time.

Whether you’re dropping the kids off to school and headed to work or headed back home to work, your commute is very important. What I like to do is either go over spelling words during the commute to school and listen to my morning fix of motivational videos on the way back home.

This time saving hack for moms is golden. If you’re into books but don;t have time to physically read them, you can purchase audio books just for your commute.

Utilize mobile phones and the internet.

So you need to pay a bill or pay the sitter. Instead of running to the bank it’s easier to pay your duties through bank transfers and authorized platforms such as PayPal.

This time saving tip saves moms a heck of a lot of time from having to stand in the bank lines. And now even the ATM walk up and drive through lines are long.

Grocery shop once (or twice) per week.

Oh my gosh, the best thing that I’ve ever done to save time for myself was to plan out my meals, make a grocery list and buy it all at once. Now of course if you forget something or it’s out of stock on the day you decide to shop, then a quick store run to grab that one thing is perfectly fine.

Pay someone to do it for you.

Pay someone to complete the tedious and dreadful tasks for you. For me that would be cleaning up the house. I would rather hire a cleaning company to come in and make everything spotless so that I could focus on what my passion is. However, I aint got that kinda money so I’ll be doing it myself until…

For moms that hate grocery shopping, Instacart and Shipt will literally turn your life around. These are apps where you place your grocery order with your desired store and they have contracted shoppers that go and shop for you. This service is awesome.

Say no.

For the longest of times I’ve always had a problem telling people no. I felt like I was being rude and mean. However when I realized that time is valuable and it should be used wisely, I always did things according to how my schedule was. My advice to you is to say no to things that you know will throw you off schedule. You won’t believe how much lighter the load has become.


When it comes to being a mom, the most precious thing that should be managed in your life the most is time. Whether you’re at stay at home home, work from home or a traditional working mom, you need some type of order and structure over your life. This is where time management comes into play. With the proper planning, these best time saving tips for moms should service you well.

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