9 Stimulating Spring Activities For Kids

Spring is often thought of as the season of birth and life. Outside becomes colorful with flowers and crops blooming and everything just feels new and refreshed. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy some new activities with kids as it will become more comfy to go outside and play versus the chilly winter. Continue reading for stimulating Spring activities for kids.

Spring activities for kids are the best for outside fun. In the Springtime, kids activities can include learning how to garden and grow flowers/crops, paint murals, learn about Easter and also do scavenger hunts. Below are even more ways to celebrate Spring.

Kids Spring Activities

  1. Grow Beans
  2. Grow Flowers
  3. Design and easy garden.
  4. Paint flower pots
  5. Do a Spring themed scavenger hunt (kind of like an Easter egg hunt)
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Do some Spring detox cleaning
  8. Make a bird feeder.
  9. Make a bird nest.

How do you enjoy Spring?

Enjoying Spring is quite easy. In the Springtime you can have a picnic outside or play date at the park. As you start to see more signs of the season changing, snap a picture and share it with friends. Open your windows to let in some of the crisp air while doing some Spring cleaning. Lastly, get a new wardrobe that reflects the sunny, warm weather you’ll be experiencing while you’re eating lunch outside at your favorite restaurant.

What’s good about Spring?

  • For starters, there are more hours in the daytime.
  • Fresh, crisp air.
  • After the gloomy Winter, you’ll be experiencing tons of colorful days from new flowers blooming.
  • Reap the harvest of your Winter crops.
  • Great temperatures for outdoor activities and fun.

How to teach kids about Spring.

  1. Make them aware of the new season to come.
  2. As the outside changes, point it out to them so that they are actively seeing how the world around them is changing.
  3. If you planted flower or crops in the Winter, allow the kids to help pick them.
  4. If you did not plant in the Winter, plan some flowers in the Spring and watch them grow.
  5. Sit outside on a rainy, Spring day.

Spring is the absolute perfect season to do fun indoor and outdoor activities with kids. With Spring comes many colors, the perfect weather, good old rainy days and so much more. These 9 Stimulating Spring Activities for kids are sure to serve you this season.

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