4 Simple Things Girls Desire To Hear From Their Mother

Let’s be completely honest here, there are some thing s we probably don’t tell our kids as much as we should. That is partly do to us mothers thinking it is already implied. In which, some cases it is. Example, being a mother you know that you love your kids just as good as anyone else knows. Although it’s already implied, you should still say it sometimes. If you’re a girl mom, then these 4 simple things daughters desire to hear from their mother is a great read for you.

4 simple things girls desire to hear from their mother

Things Daughters Want To Hear From Mom

Things little girls desire to hear from their moms are “I am here for you”, I will always love you”, “I am proud of you”, and “You can tell me anything”. Pretty simple and straight forward. Now let’s take a deeper look into each phrase and break it down a little more.

I am here for you.

I am super guilty of not telling my daughter this. Why didn’t I? Well as mentioned above, I felt like it was “understood”. However, I quickly realized that when I told my daughter this our bond became stronger. Did she need me any more than she did before I told her that? Nah. But the action of actually telling her that is what matters.

I love you… always.

This is self explanatory. A child definitely needs to hear from their mom that she loves them. These three little words can and will make your kids day. It also builds the mother-daughter bond.

I am proud of you.

I absolutely love this phrase. Saying this to my kids let ‘s them know that I pay attention and that I notice their efforts.

You can tell me anything. I’ll always listen.

One of the most important things is ensuring that your daughter knows she can come to you about anything….. without punishment. Many kids are scared to talk to their parents about certain things. However, when you talk to your daughter, things will be less awkward and intimidating.

Now your turn!

What are some things you wished to hear from your mother when you were younger? Or what are some experiences you wish you shared at an early age?

Leave a comment with your response. Remember, there are no wrong responses.

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