4 Tips For Teaching Daughters Kindness

Teaching kindness to our daughters is an important rule step in raising them. As mothers, we want to ensure we are teaching the true meaning of kindness and the joy of having this quality. For some, kindness comes natural. However for others, kindness is not so present which could be due to a number of reasons. So for today’s post, we will be digging into these 4 tips for teaching daughters kindness.

What is kindness?

There are a few different ways to word the meaning of kindness. However, each meaning leads to the same conclusion. Below are two great ways to word the meaning of kindness.+



The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

  • (Source: Dictionary)

Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and a concern and consideration for others. It Is considered a virtue and is recognized as a value in many cultures and religions.

There you have it. Kindness all summed up is being friendly to others, generous when you can be and also considerate of others as well.

(Little Note: On the “friendly” part. We would definitely distinguish what is okay and what is not okay. We want to teach our daughters how to be friendly from a more safe approach.)

Be a good representation.

As a mom (or dad), it is important that we “practice what we preach” *inserts hard eye roll*. We’ve all heard that saying before. And it proves to be especially true in cases like such. To teach our girls kindness, we have to be kind to ourselves and most importantly to our daughters.

Below are a few ways us #girlmoms can be kind to our daughters.

  • Compliment her on the outfit she picked out.
    • (Ex: Those shoes really match your shirt.)
  • Tell her something about her that you like.
    • (Ex: I like how you organize your room.)
  • Listen to her.

It is also important for your daughter to see you being kind to strangers. It you are in the store and an elderly woman is having a hard grabbing a cart, a simple “Hey, let me help you with that.” is a perfect example.

Reward… to an extent.

When you first start to teach kindness, it is important that you associate it with good reactions. If your daughter does something kind out the blue, reward her by acknowledging her good will. This is also a great time to recap on what kindness is and why kindness is important.

Before you know it, you girl will be doing random acts of kindness naturally.

Teach her team work.

Teamwork definitely makes the dreamwork. This is not only perfect for teaching your daughter goodwill, but it is also great for teaching her that sometimes more than one is so much fun. Teamwork gets the job done faster and brings much more joy to share with others. You can also make new friends and get to know more people when you work in teams.

Don’t criticize her.

“Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you.” Who else song the words in their head? Hahaaa. Gotcha! However, that little insert is there for a reason. As moms, you tend to forget that you are more equipped to handle tasks better. So when your daughter sweeps the floor, be sure *not to* criticize her with sayings like: “You’re not sweeping the right way.” Or “What’s taking you so long?”

As mentioned earlier, acknowledging the fact that an act of kindness was done is more than enough.


Kindness is being friendly, generous and considerate to others. I’m sure all moms want to teach their daughters this quality. Kindness not only makes the day of someone else, but it also makes the person being kind feel great as well. For moms who have no clue where to start, these 4 Tips For Teaching Daughters Kindness are perfect for you.

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