4 EXACT Reasons Kids Need A Pre Poo

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Hello #NAMFriends. As you know we are all about the health and growth of kiddies natural (and relaxed) hair. So today we have this detailed post on the best reasons why you should pre poo your little girls (or boys) natural hair. Check it out below!

Beneficial Reasons To Pre Poo Kids Natural Hair

If you’re new to this “natural hair thing” then you may be wondering what is all the jazz behind this”pre-pooing” thing and also should you be doing it. Fortunately I am here to give you the 5 Wonderful Reasons To Pre Poo Kids Natural Hair.

1. Retains Moisture
In the #nhw (natural hair world) moisture is one of the key characteristics of healthy hair. However, when shampooing your hair, you are at a greater risk of losing the natural moisture.

A question you may be thinking is “So should we stop shampooing?” NO! This is where a “pre-poo” comes in handy. Pre-Poos help retain moisture before the washing process.

We have a post on Easy, Natural Pre-Poo Recipes. Be sure to check that once you’re done reading this!

2. Strengthens Hair

A pre poo consists of using natural vitamin and nutrient rich oils that strengthen each strand of hair. Healthy and strong hair contains more elasticity which in turn makes it less easy to break.

My favorite at-home pre-poo ingredients are:

  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Raw Honey

3. Helps With Detangling.
Let’s face it. Natural hair is no joke. Wash day could easily turn into a horror story due to this one little thing called: DETANGLING! With a pre-poo, your kids hair is softened, well moisturized and conditioned enough to detangle without a fight.

4. Manageability

Okay, so it may just be me (a mind thing) but my daughter and sons’ hair is super easy to manage when we pre poo. Their curls are much more “popping (aka defined)” than washing without a pre poo and we have a little bounce.

That alone is more than enough reason to pre-poo kids hair.


A pre-poo treatment is a vital step in your kids washing routine. If you haven’t started, and you’re on the fence, take the leap. Pre-poo treatments help retain needed moisture that is lost during the washing process. They also strengthen kids hair, helps with manageability and makes detangling easier.

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